送禮送出好人緣 品...




A Garden Paradise Leading to Endless Imagination
A Brilliant and Innovative Design


Beneath the evening stars of the evening and the bright blue sky of the day, there is a garden-paradise hidden behind the high-rise buildings of the city. Structured around a pond, one can see the distinct layers though the subtle lightning. Its innovative design grasps the attention of visitors. Like a beautiful crystal lake concealed in the forest, the surface of the water reflects elegantly the interplay between light and shadow. This is a hidden paradise located in Jiangmeng, characterized by elevated structure and an artistic synergy of the garden and the pond.


A Reflection of Two Worlds
The garden was designed around the pond as its central theme, in a way that the image of the building reflects on the surface of the pond. A ten meter tall glass is the perfect place to envy the garden scenery. An indoor overpass connects the two buildings, and is intertwined with circular lightning between the garden and the buildings. It serves as the main walkway and adds an aesthetic touch to the overall scenery, while at the same time allowing visitors to admire the view of the pond and garden via different angles and heights. The view from both sides of the glass echoes with one another.



Intertwined Circular Lighting
The arc-shaped openings and arched porches are the synergy between Eastern technique and Western design. The two different parts share the same characteristics while creating a rich sense of layering.

The indoor overpass that was designed to provided various scenic views from different angles is characterized with circular lightning. Its structure is supported by marble and steel, and its column arrangement is parallel with the modern ideal.


A Circle that Connects the Past, Present, and Future
The column arrangement stemmed from ancient western civilization, and was transformed with a touch of modern taste. Its seashell shape is decorated with pearls, and forms two distinct reception areas that are practical while providing a sense of privacy. The seashell is reminiscent of the Greek goddess Aphrodite, also known as Venus in Roman mythology, who was said to be born from the foam of the sea. It is a symbol of beauty and art, and adopted as the central theme behind the design. Concentric layers expand outwards and echoes with the circular ceiling above. A model of high-rise buildings below serves as a blue-print for future urban development that cleverly connects the past, present, and future of the shared space.


A Corridor Filled with Surprises
Visitors must journey through a long, narrow, mysterious corridor to reach an unknown destination filled with surprises. Upon entering the corridor visitors can see the iron decorations with seashell texture on the walls, and above it the arc-shaped ceiling. It is an adventure on its own filled with fun and surprises. At the end of the tunnel there is a perplexing ball-shaped decoration on the wall. It is an artistic decoration synonymous with the ball floating in the center of space; it is the alluring pearl of this timeless master piece.


Ubiquitous Beauty
The beauty of art often lies in the details in our daily lives. One can often access the aesthetic and cultural complexity within the design, furniture, and decorations. Perfectly arranged tableware and decorative plants adds a finishing touch to the space. Every detail has been flawlessly arranged on purpose, not one more, and not one less, thoroughly reflecting the culture onto the daily life.